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Mortar Materials Calculator

Mortar Material Calculator

A calculator for estimating the quantities of cement, lime and sand required for a specific mortar quantity and mix ratio.


Mortar Materials Calculator

Volume of Mortar Required m3

Mix ratio

All calculations are based on the use of a standard cement, lime and sand mix. All material quantities are given in kg.

Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1 : Type in the volume of mortar you require in m3
Step 2 : Choose your preferred mortar mix ratio from the options provided
Step 3 : Click 'Search'

The calculator will provide you with the different amounts of materials required for the mortar. Please note that figures do not allow for the waste of materials or the bulking of sand.

Unsure of what mortar mix to use?

Contact a member of the BrickSmith team for advice on the most appropriate mix to use for your project.

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